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Charter School Improves Indoor Quality; Reduces Energy Costs with Triple Pane Windows

Capital City Public Charter School reaches LEED Gold Standard and becomes the first Charter School in US to use super energy efficient triple pane windows. School is currently saving close to $50,000 annually because of improved energy performance. Significantly improved indoor air quality and more comfortable learning spaces are also due to implementation of triple pane high performance windows.

Originally, organizations involved in the project intended to install traditional double-glazed aluminum windows in the Columbia Heights based project in Washington, D.C. The project had to reach LEED Gold Standards and become certified Green School. General Contractor MCN Build and Architectural Design firm Shinberg.Levinas partnered up with Intus Windows to help with renovation of Capital City Public Charter School.

Considering Capital City Public Charter School’s constrained budget, windows replacement portion had to be done with minimum resources. “Understanding the value of triple pane energy efficient windows and remembering my previous experiences about high performance building products, I didn’t think these windows could fit our budget,” said COO of Capital City Public Charter School. After pricing Intus Windows products myth about overpriced triple pane energy efficient windows was denied. The u-PVC Eforte assemblies had the best balance in terms of price and performance.

The low solar heat gain coefficient of Intus Windows Eforte glazing combined with the low U-values, reduced heating and cooling demands significantly. According to the MCN Build, the cost of the Intus Windows uPVC Eforte system proved to be 30% less than the otherwise installed aluminum double-paned system; thus saving both the builder, and even more important, Capital City Public Charter school, as much as $300,000.00 dollars. Installed Intus Windows products further improved annual energy consumption of the school for years to come, totaling to $50,000.00 estimated savings per year.

The MCN Build’s decision to use Intus Windows triple pane energy efficient windows was not only fiscally beneficial, it also ended up saving the school thousands in energy costs over the lifetime of the building. As auditory comfort is often overlooked in commercial design, it is great to see this as an unintended but beneficial consequence. “This feature will ensure a quiet and productive classroom experience for a school buried in a loud and bustling community,” said Joseph Khoury from MCN Build. Triple pane Eforte windows feature superb sounds insulation properties, making them a perfect fit for urban environment buildings.

Renovating windows helped the Capital City Public Charter School not only to improve the indoor air quality, sound insulation, learning conditions but also helped to reduce heating and cooling energy consumption. “With a help of energy efficient triple pane windows we are experiencing much more productive and much more comfortable working and learning environment,” said COO of Capital City Public Charter School. Launches Handheld Solution for Property Management Professionals, a market leader in the design of innovative web-based systems for managing the communications, operations, and day-to-day activities for occupants and staff in residential buildings, is announcing the launch of a revolutionary new mobile building management solution called BuildingLink Geo™ (Geo).

Designed to improve efficiency for building management professionals, the state-of-the-art Geo solution represents a quantum leap forward in real estate technology. Using an iPhone or iPod touch – and powered by the Geo app available for download from the online Apple store – Geo seamlessly accesses a property’s online BuildingLink database through an authentication key, and allows staff to remotely complete tasks typically done on a stationary PC, including visitor management and security, maintenance operations, and front desk activities.

“This is a game-changer for property managers and staff,” says Jerry Kestenbaum, CEO of “Imagine authorizing entry to a vendor right at the service entrance … or accessing a resident’s emergency contact info from anywhere … or viewing the history of a maintenance issue during the repair without interrupting your work. It’s all possible now through Geo — the days of being tied down to a desk staring endlessly at a browser screen are over.”

Geo’s local database allows it to roam where the Internet doesn’t, enabling access to a building database from outside of the property walls. Specific examples of Geo’s uses include:

Visitor Management and Security: Geo enables users to sign-in vendors at service entrances, check guest permission instructions, and capture photos from anywhere in the building through the built-in camera.
Maintenance Operations: Geo permits users to create and close maintenance requests, update notes about a maintenance issue on-site and in real time, and document work through photo capture.
Front Desk: Geo extends the “front desk” so staff can record inbound packages held at the receiving area, as well as capture resident signatures right at the apartment door.
Geo’s optional hardware component (the Geo cradle) is a sleek black casing that weighs less than 8 ounces and features a laser barcode scanner and a magnetic stripe reader for scanning credit cards.

Through only a grassroots following, there are currently 391 Geo users nationwide (monthly average) and a total of 10,000 app log-ins. “Our staff recently began using Geo and it is now an integral part of our day-to-day operations,” said Mike Pistilli, property manager of Pistilli Realty Group. “It allows access to all the tools and information we need anytime and anywhere, right at our fingertips. Geo is so hands-on, you have everything in your phone in real time without even going to the computer. Our building is running more efficiently than ever thanks to Geo.”

Geo’s potential for greater productivity with less effort is consistent with the company’s history of innovation in building management technology. “Our goal with any product we design is to harness technology to make life easier for both staff and tenants,” continues Kestenbaum. “Geo introduces a little bit of magic to property management.”