Submission Guidelines

American Building Today welcomes submissions of bylined articles, opinion pieces, case studies, and event listings. Below you will find a basic guideline on how to submit your idea or bylined article. If you have any questions, please email or

Our guest experts and staff writers cover a range of topics of interest to the building and construction industry. Our aim is to meet the diverse, personal needs of our readers by delivering relevant information on real estate news, construction trends, sustainable practices, recent initiatives, current project descriptions, ongoing best practices, and more. If you’d like to submit information on a project your team is working on, please send us the name of the project, date of completion, location, notable features, awards received, and size/square footage.

All ideas will be reviewed by the American Building Today editorial team and a staff member will be in contact to discuss our production expectations if we wish to move forward.

Bylined Article Checklist

  • Bylined articles should be 700 words or less, and is one that expresses the knowledge and insights of the author. Be educational and informative, and take a specific angle about something in your related field, rather than an advertisement of an organization. By writing an article, you’re sharing expertise with your colleagues and peers, and information sharing is what this digital magazine is all about.
  • Bylined articles should be written in the third-person, unless the submission is an opinion piece approved by the editor.
  • Include a suggested title for the article and the author’s byline.
  • Do not include footnotes or endnotes. Any appropriate references should be incorporated into the narrative of the article itself.
  • Include a one-paragraph biography of each author (50 words or less) as well as contact information for the readers (i.e. phone number, email, and/or your website) at the end of the article.
  • Send a digital photo of the author or photo(s) relevant to the piece (72 dpi), along with a cutline.
  • Contributors are welcome to provide any other accompanying photos or artwork to complement the article. Color is preferable, but black and white is acceptable.
  • After the work has been published you may use, reproduce, and adapt the work for any purpose. You retain all rights.

Promote Your Events

  • Send time, date, topic, location, contact information, and other relevant information for your business-related events. Items will appear under the Events tab on our site.

Announce Business-RelatedAwards

  • Email us your press releases describing awards your company or staff members have received from outside organizations. We welcome and encourage photos (72 dpi) with submissions.

Tout Your Success

  • Announce your grants or contracts and we’ll post them online under the Leads section.


  • We encourage photos with article and/or press release submissions. Photos should be at least 5″ wide and 72 dpi. Head shots should be at least 2″ wide and 72 dpi. Also, be sure to include the cutline.


  • Since we publish news 24/7, we accept submissions on a rolling basis and try to post your news within one week of receiving it.